Prefabs TLX is back! The Spring 2021 event is right around the corner, so do not miss it! The talks submissions are open now, with the main event taking place on May 22-23rd with a pre-party on the 21st!

What Is Prefabs TLX

Prefabs TLX is a fully VR-based Developer Conference aimed at sharing the knowledge amongst VRChat Content Creators. It is primarily focused on world creation, but some of the topics end up broader than that, e.g. Licensing.

If you want to share your experience of developing content for VRChat, learn more about that process or just find like-minded people - TLX is the event for you!

Check The Trailer

Save The Dates

Full event timeline is as follows

  • April 17th, Event announcement, Speaker signups start
  • April 26th, Speaker signups end
  • May 3rd, Speakers check-in 1
  • May 10th, Speakers check-in 2
  • May 17th, Speakers check-in 3
  • May 21st, TLX Pre-Party
  • May 22nd, TLX Main Event, Day 1
  • May 23rd, TLX Main Event, Day 2, TLX Afterparty

For Speakers

As stated above, the speaker signups are open from the day of this announcement (April 17th) till the end of the day on April 26th (PST).

To propose a talk, just click the "Submit a Talk" button on the top right of this website or follow this link!

You can edit your answers after you submit, e.g. if your availability changes

For Attendees

TLX is held in a special venue built just for it. The main instance with the speakers will be limited to the speakers themselves, members of the VRC Prefabs community and some special guests. That is done solely to provide a better viewing and presentation experience for everyone.

That does not mean you cannot enjoy the event though!

This time around the world itself will be made public and accessible for everyone. Any instance of the world will be capable of connecting to a special stream feed that will provide speaker omnipresence, transmitting their motion and voice, as well as the presentation slides. So it will be just like the main world!

Huge thanks to lox9973 and their ShaderMotion project for making that possible!

Stay Up To Date

To make sure you don't miss anything - follow the @tlxconf account on twitter. All the updates will be posted there.

Also subscribe to the TLX YouTube channel and ring the bell so you don't miss the livestream!

All the presentations will be recorded and uploaded to this website's talks section and the TLX youtube channel

And if you are a member of the VRC Prefabs community - keep an eye on the #tlx channel and don't forget to get the special @TLX role to keep up with the relevant updates.

Hope to see you there!

TLX is an incredibly exciting time for all of us, so we're hoping you'll share this moment with us!

Use the #PrefabsTLX hashtag to share your thoughts, we'll be watching 👀